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Our team
Our team is an integral part of your prosperity

Essence of self

Relying on its legal essence and its passion for regulations and legislation, Mohammed Hamad Al Frayan Law Firm was incorporated in 1440H / corresponding to 2019G, taking it upon itself to provide legal and advisory work that reflects the Saudi Renaissance system and application. In its work, the Company keeps pace with the highest international standards and principles of legal activity, seeking to gain the trust of its customers and obtain their utmost satisfaction with all its services.

Unique Vision

Activities and services under our broad legal ceiling are diverse. We love diversity, as we create a unique vision in dealing with various cases and legal affairs, especially in economic, commercial and investment fields, such as the establishment of local and foreign companies and the civil judiciary. Our services extend to meet the aspirations of our various valued clients in all other legal services.

Our permanent pillar

Law is our main pillar so that society fulfills its rights and is reassured of the justice of judgments.

A national goal

Employing human and technical competencies, applying internationally approved standards to attain legal achievements that gain confidence and respond to the aspirations of natural and legal persons, supporting the Saudi legal renaissance by providing quality services that allow the world to open up to the Kingdom for investment on the widest scale, relying on a solid ground of the Saudi law, its regulations and legislation.