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Founder's Statement
Advance Prospects in Legal Work

In tandem with the development of the economic environment, the world of business and international trade, legal work is becoming increasingly important. Accordingly, the need for legal services that are capable and skillful to solve various cases and provide the solid legal ground necessary for all legal and personal entities, establishments and individuals, is intensified.
By the grace of The Almighty, and thanks to the development and leadership of the judicial system during the era of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and his Crown Prince, God save them, the prosperity created by the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 in various legal and justice aspects, the Kingdom’s openness to foreign investments, and attraction of international companies in mega projects, this is what secures added value to the practice of law and legal work based on full knowledge of the legislation, rules, laws, and regulations in force on a local and international level.
Mohammed bin Hamad Al Frayan Law Firm opens up advanced and wide horizons in legal work, based on a solid foundations of establishing the right, achieving justice and supporting the oppressed, enhancing its strength and capabilities with long experience in various services, legal works and the field of law, and abounding with bright minds of specialists and attracting the best skilled cadres In law and the legal profession, we seek from all this to achieve customer satisfaction and build bridges of trust and high-end dealing to the fullest extent.

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